The Literary and Debating Society (TLDS), University of Ibadan, is the central literary and debating organ of the university.
About TLDS
The Literary and Debating Society (TLDS), University of Ibadan, is the central literary and debating organ of the university– the umbrella under which all faculties and hall of residence that has a literary and debating Society operate. Simply, we are like the federal government overseeing the various states–faculties and halls literary and debating societies.
The organization, founded on the interests of spurring critical thinking and capacity development through public speaking, literary appreciation and engagement, is a society of public speakers, debaters and future leaders who believe in the power and influence of communication, free speech and public debates in the advancement of any nation and the human race as a whole. 
The society has over 400 registered active public speakers and by virtue of the University of Ibadan Students Handbook, every student is a member of the TLDS, thus putting our membership to well over 10,000 individuals, making us the largest student organization in the University currently.
Primarily, the function of TLDS is to promote all literary and debating activities on campus; we organize all literary and debating functions, strive to keep the culture of public speaking and literature alive and legendary on campus and amongst students. We organize trainings for our members via our various constituencies; seminars and conferences on the art of speech writing, research, use, application of logic and provoking critical thinking processes. We teach the whole of public speaking, essence of leadership and explicate its value to an individual and nation development.
The literary and debating society, University of Ibadan also participates in inter-university debate and oratory competitions, both nationally and Internationally and we have produced speakers who have gone on to become world-class figures relevant in many industries including law, journalism, agriculture, public policy, governance and many more. Notable of this society is how her past members who were actively involved emerged winners and finalists of continental and international debate contents, essay writing contests, literary prizes, journalism prizes, awards and entrepreneurial grants some of which include (but not limited to): Winners of 2021 Rhodes Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, Top three winners at the Daring Debates Africa – a debate between 22 African Universities­– 2020; Top two of the LASU Intervarsity Debate – 2019; Best debaters, Impact Africa British Parliamentary Debate, Kumasi, Ghana– 2018; Two of three winning teams at The Youngstars Foundation Expression Undergraduate Debate in collaboration with the DFID (2017); Winners of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme amongst many others.
Our vision
To build a generation of leaders who will be astute communicators and future literary icons, recognizing the truism that great speakers of today are iconic leaders of tomorrow.
Our mission
  • Sustenance of all Literary and Debate Societies and their activities in the University of Ibadan
  • Redefinition and true transformation of Public Speaking tenets in the University of Ibadan to a World-Class Standard.
  • Stimulation and re-invigoration of the interests of students in Literary and Debate Activities in the University of Ibadan.
  • Efficient organization of an Annual World-Class Inter-Hall/Inter-Faculty Competition tagged ‘Jaw-War’.
  • Presentation of thoroughly-bred and efficiently equipped orators for school’s representation in external competitions.