Short introduction

Taiwo Olawehinmi is a global health Pharmacist, with interest in health financing and policymaking in Africa.

Taiwo is also an Events Host as well as an Elocution Coach. She enjoys training individuals and organisations in effective communication. She believes that words can be strategically wielded to achieve desired results, especially for workplace excellence.

Leadership position held at TLDS/Local Constituency 

Coordinator, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS) Literary & Debating Society (2017)

What She Currently Does

Pharmacist | Events Host | Elocution Coach

Assuring words about Jaw War

Jaw War has always been a melting pot of intellectual ideas, an incredible opportunity to showcase critical thinking and oratory prowess among young people. I believe that Jaw War lights a flame in all of us— speakers, judges and audience. For many debaters, public speaking (and the Jaw War platform) leads them to identify their core interests whether it’s in education, health, business, entertainment or any field at all, and the dynamic experience of Jaw War makes them utilise their public speaking skills for impacts. I believe that’s the end goal for every speech practised and delivered— an idea ignited, a heart set aflame, a life changed. Jaw War is beyond speeches for the podium. It’s the starting point for most of us. And I’m immensely grateful for it.