Short Introduction

Victor Adeyemo is a graduate of chemistry,   a Human Resource officer by profession and also an entrepreneur. He is an easy-going person; passionate about helping people be their best and achieve their best. He also runs a business (VIA wears)- a footwear production company for both males and females.

Awards won

Rookie of the Year, Kenneth Mellanby Hall 2015

Orator of the Year, Kenneth Mellanby Hall, 2015

Second Runner Up -King Of The Podium 2018

First Runner Up – King Of the Podium 2019

Orator of the Year – Faculty of Science Students Association 2018
First Runer Up – Armory of Words, 2015

Winner UI SRC Intervarsity Debate 2018

Overall Best Speaker, Faculty of Science Public Speaking Championship. August 2018.

Debater of the year, Faculty of Science, University of Ibadan. May 2019.

Winner, Rookie Intra Hall Essay Contest, Kenneth Mellanby Hall, University of Ibadan. April 2015.

Winner Prof. C.A. Obafemi Intervarsity Debate, Ile-Ife. November 2019

Leadership Positions Held at TLDS/ any  other Constituency 

President, Department of Chemistry Literary and Debating Society

General Secretary, Faculty of Science Literary and Debating Society

President, Faculty of Science Literary and Debating Society

President, Kenneth Mellanby hall Literary and Debating society

What he currently does

Human Resource (HR) Officer

Assuring words about Jaw War

Like we all see when we were there and I think which is still currently true, Jaw War is one of the biggest public speaking competitions in west Africa. It gives a platform that nothing can beat.

Before becoming an HR professional, one comment that was consistent with everybody each time I interviewed for some job roles was this: “you speak very well”. This can be attributed to my active participation in the Jaw War because it serves as a platform for making people.

Communication today is one of the vital and most important skills anybody must have and one of the things Jaw War does is to train you in that, because there’s no way you will be a speaker without first being a writer. Jaw War expands you in the sense that, it stretches you and then it puts you out there before the audience. Assuringly, if anyone can stand before your audience, there is no other audience you cannot stand before.

Similarly, Jaw War is a really great platform for discourse, for discussing very germane issues in our country and in the world at large, we will begin to see from the two perspectives. It affords you the skills that you will not learn in the classroom- teamwork, research, writing, leadership, etc.

I see it growing, expanding, beyond the shores of UI Nigeria and the world out there.