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Jaw War 2023 Topics Unveiled!

jaw war 2023 topics

Jaw War 2023 is forthcoming and here are the topics for the tournament

In the Press Conference hosted by The Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan, The President and her excos, after a series of deliberations with the senate, unveiled the final topics for Jaw War 2023


Here are the topics for Jaw War 2023

THEME: Disruptive Conversations: The African State in Perspective



  1. Should Network Neutrality be legalised?
  2. Is Standardised Testing Doing More Good than Harm?
  3. Corporal Punishment Should be Banned among School-aged Children.
  4. Regional Security Outfits: Solution to Nigeria’s Security Problems?
  5. Cancel Culture: An Important Tool or a Dangerous Weapon?
  6. Should Social Media be Regulated in Nigeria?
  7. Should Africa Ignore the West’s Call for a Transition to Renewable Energy?
  8. Should Nigeria Favour a Value-Based HealthCare Model?
  9. Should the Nigerian Government Tax Religious Institutions?
  10. Annulment of Roe v Wade: A Step in the Right Direction?
  11. Incurring Debts for Nigeria’s Development: Ill-advised?
  12. Is the 2022 CBN Currency Redesign Justifiable or Not?
  13. Should Gender Identity be Determined at Birth?
  14. Beauty Pageants: Empowerment or Objectification?
  15. Social Media As a Source of Information: A Superior Alternative to Traditional Media? 
  16. Digital Universities in Nigeria: A Doomed Adventure?
  17. Subliminal Manipulation: Justifiable?
  18. Key to Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria: Health Insurance or Health Personnel?
  19. Price Control in Nigeria: A Futile Venture?
  20. ASUU Strike Actions – An Effective Tool for Driving Home Demands?
  21. Deplatforming by Tech Companies Should be Banned.
  22. Should Adults be Legally Required to Take Vaccines?
  23. The Use of AI in the Job Recruitment Process : A Positive Development?
  24. Privatisation of NNPC: A Move in the Right Direction?
  25. Should HealthCare be Considered a Right in the 21st Century?
  26. The Concept of War Crimes; Fact or Fiction?
  27. Should Cryptocurrency be Regulated?
  28. Should the Government Provide Employment for Convicted Criminals?
  29. Online Piracy in Developing Countries: Justified?
  30. Artificial Intelligence is Doing More Harm than Good.
  31. Private right to bear arms: Solution to Nigeria’s security challenges? 
  32. Should Sports Organizations ban countries based on Socio-Political Issues?
  33. University Education Should be Free.
  34. Traditional Marriage Systems are not Compatible with Modern Day Society.

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