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Delivered at Jaw War Finals – Hall Category, 2018; Won the tournament

To begin, one thing must be noted:  there is a slight difference between a union and unification. Cambridge English dictionary defines a political union as an association of nations with a common interest, while unification is the process by which these nations become one. Hence, while a union is a form of partnership, unification is the process of joining these partners to become an entity.  What we are saying is not worthy, is the journey through the process.

Audience, political unification is not a worthy course in terms of two things: Economic and Political aspects.

One, the economic aspect, according to a publication titled ‘Political Unification: a generalized progression’, countries like Gambia and Zimbabwe suffer from economic instability, they have to depend on countries like Botswana or Cape Verde to survive. Hence, countries that were underdeveloped before unification will have to depend on countries that were developed and that will further prevent the developed countries from competing actively with other regions of the world. Thus, without stability, reaching an agreement for unification will be a difficult decision not to talk of the solidarity and cooperation that would be necessary to maintain such unification.

Two, the political aspect, according to the CIA world factbook in 2017; African countries practice democracy, theocracy amongst others. Thus, going by logical implications, we can say that African countries practice political systems that are influenced by their colonial history and culture and if my opponents think that with political unification, we will adopt a political system to rule a United Africa, they should note that according to research gate in 2016, political ideologies birth political system and since African countries have different political ideologies as political unification will cause a clash of political ideologies, this will cause political imbalance and in turn lead to political crisis.

Judges, my opponents might think that with political unification, we would have a common African identity however, according to huffington post in 2017, Africans have been uncovered of their colonial culture and customs therefore leading to a variety of cultures and customs and saying it will bring about a common identity is like saying putting catfish and star fish in the same pond will make them have the same attribute. Judges,  the only thing that attributes to all African countries is that we live in Africa and because we occupy the same geographical region does not mean we would have the same identity.

To conclude this debate, three things should be noted: One, a thing is worthy when it is worth accepting and fighting for. Two, political unification is not a worthy course because of the aforementioned challenges. Three, the concept of political unification might be a good fantasy, it might even make my opponents sleep better at night but let’s face reality. This is Africa, it cannot work.