• The Literary and Debating Society (TLDS), University of Ibadan hosts programs like Jaw War, Ibadan Literary Festival amongst others.
Jaw War
Jaw War is a sessional inter-hall/inter-faculty debate that doubles as the biggest Public Speaking competition in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is the tournament that showcases the communication prowess of students representing their halls of residence and the faculties in a battle for the ultimate crown. This is the battle where words are swords. Where paired faculties and halls compete to slay each other in the war of the Jaws.
Ibadan Literary Festival
Ibadan Literary Festival is an annual literary event in the University of Ibadan organized by The Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan. It is an initiative aimed at rejuvenating the culture of art appreciation, educating and bringing together intellectual minds to air their views on issues in the literary scene. This is achieved by bringing together artists and creatives across varying genres for a day…
Speak and Live (a public speaking conference)
Speak and live is a symposium which hosts over One Hundred students and non-students who want to learn of/improve on the art of public speaking and communications. We see the need to engage experts in the field of communications, professionals who have proven their talent of public speaking and young minds equally…